How Many Pages Should You Read a Day?

How Many Pages Should You Read a Day? (2023)

You might have wondered, “how many pages should I read a day”.

You could look at your reading goals, and determine, how many you should read per day to achieve your goals. That might be 10 pages a day, or it could be 100. The key to reading is to make it a habit. Therefore, counting the pages you read each day might not be the best option.

In this post, we will go through different examples of how many pages you could read daily, to achieve specific goals.

How many pages should I read a day?

The first step to determining how many pages you should read a day is to look at your goals. If your goal is to read 12 books a year, that comes down to one a month.

Let’s say one book is around 300 pages, which leaves you with 10 pages per day. Some books might have more pages, some might have fewer. You could adjust your daily goal accordingly, or keep up with the 10 pages a day.

Here are some examples of how many 300-page books you can read each year if you read a certain amount of pages daily:

  • 1 page a day = 1 book per year
  • 10 pages a day = 12 books per year
  • 15 pages a day = 18 books per year
  • 20 pages a day = 24 books per year
  • 50 pages a day = 60 books per year
  • 100 pages a day = 120 books per year

Even small increases in daily reading can have a significant impact on how many books you can read annually. The difference between 10 and 20 pages a day is not that much, but the impact is huge.

Probably the most difficult part about reading is getting started. If you can read through 10 pages, going for another 20 might be really easy.

It is really all about building the habit of reading. The most difficult thing is to read 1 page, the rest 9 pages will be easy, as soon as you get the book in your hand.

Here is a post on how to build a sustainable reading habit.

How many pages can an average person read in a day?

Technically, the average person can read close to 500 pages per day, if they use the whole day for reading. This is not a sustainable way to go with your reading habit. A more realistic way is to read 25 pages per day.

On the other hand, I think an average person reads 0 pages per day. Considering that not everybody reads at all, and even likely is to read daily.

Therefore, if you read at least 10 pages per day, you are likely ahead of 75% of the population already, when it comes to reading.

Here is a post on how long it takes to read 100 pages if you want to see how much you could read in a day.

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How many pages can you read in a day?

One could be able to read 500 pages a day, but that is really not a sustainable way to go. Building a habit of reading 10 to 20 pages daily can be a much better and more rewarding way to read.

When you divide your reading into multiple days, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming to reach your goals either. Instead of trying to read 500 pages daily, read that during the next month. That means only 15 to 20 pages per day.

Here is a post about reading goals for struggling readers. Check it out if interested.

How to read more?

There is no secret sauce on how to read more. Try out building a reading habit, and starting small to get going. Reading 5 to 10 pages at first might be really beneficial when building up the reading habit.

After you have established the habit of reading, you can start to add more pages to your daily agenda.

The first page of the day is probably the most difficult one. Getting started takes the most willpower. Therefore, try to have a goal of reading at least one page per day. If you feel like not reading more, just read one.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, reading at all daily is really beneficial and not many people read daily.

Reading 10 pages a day will still get you to 12 books annually if one book is 300 pages. Reading 10 pages takes only 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the book, so it’s completely doable for almost anyone.

My personal goal is to read one book a month, which translates roughly to 10 to 20 pages a day, depending on my current book.

Some months are easier, some a bit more intense, if the book is 1000 pages long.

Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day.