Can Reading Make You Successful?

Can Reading Make You Successful? (5 Ways it can)

Many successful people seem to read a lot. But is reading the key to a successful life?

Reading can help you succeed in life in many ways. It is insane how much information and knowledge can be learned from just one book. By reading more, you become more educated and your chances of success can increase drastically.

In this post, we go through 5 reasons why reading can help you to become successful.

How reading can make you more successful?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to reading. Especially these 5 things can make a huge impact and help you succeed in any aspect of your life.

1. Reading books will give you a lot of knowledge

Whether your goal is to start a business, get in better shape, or just be happier overall, there are most likely books written about the topic.

The most wonderful thing about books is that by reading a book in 5 hours, you can learn things it took the writer to learn a lifetime. You can avoid so many mistakes and learn so many small important things about different topics that it can highly increase your chances of success.

The amount of knowledge you can get from reading just one book is astonishing. By picking up a reading habit, you can exponentially increase the knowledge you gain throughout the years and in your lifetime.

2. Reading can improve your vocabulary and comprehension

By reading books, you are constantly training your vocabulary and potentially even learning new words. It can make your speech much more fluent, even if you were a native English speaker.

It can also help you to understand people better and the meaning behind their words. New and old sayings can also be found in books.

When you practice something for a long, it will become more natural. As you read well-written sentences, it becomes much easier for you to form them as well.

I have noticed a big difference in my written text since I first started reading. It’s like the sentences have already been formed in my head and I don’t really have to think about forming them anymore. (I am a native Finnish speaker and most books I read are in the Finnish language).

3. Reading can improve your cognitive functions and brain connectivity

Reading can also keep your brain young and sharp. It’s like going to the gym and training your muscles, you can train your brain by using it.

There are a lot of good ways to keep your mind sharp, even as you get older. Reading is one great way to do so.


4. Reading can be motivational

Reading biography books about successful people can be really motivating. Reading books can help you see, what someone has accomplished and how they have done it can motivate you to take the first step towards your success.

Just realizing what is possible if you just put in the work can be enough to motivate you throughout your career or life.

It’s like learning to fly. No human according to my knowledge has yet learned to fly by flapping their hands. Therefore, I would not try to learn that either.

However, people have built a lot of successful businesses in the past. Reading about those successes has changed my mind to think that it is possible.

5. Reading can reduce stress and make you sleep better

Reading before bed or at any time of the day can reduce your stress since you are focusing on the book. You can’t think of any of your work or your personal issues, you are focused on the book.

Especially reading before bed has helped me significantly to sleep faster. That might also be due to the fact that I am not scrolling through my phone and burning the blue light through my eyes. Instead, I’m reading a book made out of paper that does not burn my eyes with any light.

Try it out, maybe it can help you to sleep better as well. The worst that can happen, is you get a few extra pages to read every day.

Does reading lead to success?

Reading is not a guarantee that you will become successful. However, it can increase your chances of becoming successful, with all the knowledge you can gain from books.

There is a reason why successful people read so much. They acknowledge how much information and advantage in life you can get from books.

Why do successful people read so much?

Successful people typically understand the amount of knowledge you can get by reading books. You can get the information it took someone a lifetime to learn by reading their book in a few hours.

That if someone can give you an advantage in life. I rarely hear people that regret reading so much.

Not all successful people read. There are alternative ways to gain knowledge and learn new skills as well.

Here is a post for alternative methods to gain knowledge, other than books.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, reading can help you succeed in many different aspects of life in many different ways. You can gain so much information from books, even by reading a few books every year.

Reading books is not a guarantee that you will be successful. However, it can increase your chances of success.

If you don’t know where to start, I have this post that goes through good and realistic reading goals. That might be a good place to begin.

Hopefully, this was helpful, have a wonderful day!